Landscape of My Reading Life

I’ve been known to dive into a topic for months at a time. Years ago, I decided to read Russia: fiction, literature, poetry, history and biographies of Russia. It was fascinating and educational. I listened to music from Russian and watched movies. It is possible that I named one of my children after a character from that era of reading.

Since my Russian phase, I have take other literary journeys: Orson Scott Card, J.D. Robb, Claire and Jamie, Star Trek Novels, Jack Reacher, Theology, The Cynsters, and many more. Some journeys are an end unto themselves. Some trips through books are just a beginning.

I keep track of my reading (past, present and future) on and I’d love to be reading friends with you! I have tried several times in my life to catalog the books I have read. This is the one that works best for me. It is easy to search for books by title, author or even isbn. GoodReads folks write a variety of reviews: some are fabulous while others can be ignored. For good or ill, it’s always fun to read the reviews. Beware of spoilers!

Visit my Reading Life on Good Reads and add me to your list of friends. You never know who will spark your interest in a wonderful new series or author!


My dog, Cassie and I at William’s Lake near Taos, NM


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