All about me…

I am a writer who has been moonlighting as a mom for the past twenty-one years. I couldn’t be more proud of the variety of proficiencies encompassed in my three beautiful children. Their lives, however, are not my life. Their accomplishments are a joy to behold, but they are not mine. My part in their lives is just a reflection, like the moon is the reflection of sunlight. My children burn brightly in their wondrous blazing light. I am grateful to be a part of their lives, a witness to their journeys.

Now, it’s time to live my own life. And my life is a writing life.

Most of the time, I live in Midtown, Oklahoma City and other times in the mountains of Taos, NM. I write wherever I am at any given moment. To me, nothing is real unless I write it. Conversely, things which I write about cannot control me with fear or negativity.

You can find me here at blogging about what I read, how I write, and in the future what I publish. I am also on FacebookTwitter, Goodreads, and Instagram.



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