My Writing Life

Here are the posts that pop out of my head while writing: a scene I long to share, or a special moment for a character, and always there are the motivations.

Meet Sam, a character from a novel I am working on:

 Character Study, Sam #1

Character Study, Sam #2

Character Study #3


This house haunts me. I am working on a series of stories set in this isolated cabin.

The ring of iron keys…


The magical part of writing  is delving into a topic with absolute abandon. Using Scrivener to write allows me to collect all the research into easily accessed files.

Research for Writing




Carl Sagan


Inspired by this…

Journey through the fog…

Worldbuilding Muse

Meeting My Characters

Soundtrack of My Life

This post tells about me from the point of view of another person, in this case, it was a turtle.

Words that flow…


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