Character Study, Sam #2

**This is part 2 of a character study, written completely in dialogue.**


“We explored, my dad and me. Mom went back to the hotel to rest. Dad took me walking. Of course, we walked everywhere back home—to school, the store, drug store, dry cleaners and church. Dad had a car but he drove that to work. This was my first time to walk a different place. And we walked this whole little town. I don’t even know which town. We walked for hours.”

“What do you remember seeing?”

“People. The kids were just getting out of school when we walked down Main Street. They were bigger than me and I stood at the fence watching them all walk down the sidewalk in little groups. Then we stopped into the drug store for a soda. I watched the high school kids at the fountain. Dad went off to the druggist to get something for Mom. I sat there drinking my malt and chatting with these two kids. A girl and boy who were having burgers and fries. We talked about the soda fountain, their school, my friends. It was so cool. I felt like I had made friends there. Whenever I think of that trip, I think of those two kids. Now, I can’t remember their names.”

“That’s a feature of your writing. You introduce the reader to a place by telling the story of people you meet.”

“Yes, that is true. I guess this may have been the start of it. We walked on through the afternoon and evening, had dinner at another diner. We took a hot meal back to Mom. She was in her robe reading a book. Dad gave me a quarter to go get a pepsi from the machine at the front office. When I came back, Mom was dressed. I remember she ate her dinner at the little table in our room. After that, we walked to the park again. It was just about to go dark. I knew we had a few minutes to play so I ran ahead. I met a few kids and we played tag or something. Not long after that, the street lights came on and the kids all said good bye. We stayed a bit longer but it wasn’t as fun without them. The rest of the trip was like that. We drove a couple of hours at a time then stopped for food, or to see something interesting.”

“Your parents liked to stop at interesting sites?”

“They did. This one town and an old historic bridge. We stopped to walk around and see it form all sides. It was one of those covered wooden bridges. It was really old but well kept. It was painted red and it glowed in the autumn leaves. We had a picnic near that bridge. I thought Mom was kind of magical because I can’t remember stopping for food that morning but at lunch time, she produced a bag of sandwiches, a bottle of milk and two bottles of pepsi.

Anyway, we made it to my Aunt Jenny’s house and stayed several days. This was her fist baby so I didn’t have any cousins to play with yet. Her husband was real sweet to me, though. Uncle Thomas and Dad took me to the park while the women fussed over the baby. I loved it. We played catch and they pushed me on the swing. They even let me help work on the car.

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